What are you doing now, Dan?

June 23, 2020

I was going to hold off on posting this as Lily is processing and writing part 2 of her “It’s a gift” post. However, this is what Father placed on my heart last week as I have also been processing our current situation and processing what some accountability brother and sisters have recently shared with me. So, here goes: 


On January 24, 2020 we got on a plane excited and joyful. We were looking forward to a week in Hong Kong, spending the Lunar New Year with my parents and my dad’s side of the family, but mainly getting a chance to decompress and reflect on the previous 12 months. This time (every year) has always been a much needed time, for all four of us. We live a life where emotional and physical boundaries can get so blurred that it’s great to, once in a while, NOT escape it but to REFLECT on it — to seek Father and rest in Father and to understand what He is teaching us as we operate and live in that ‘blurriness’. Well...He decided to give us more than a week.  


Tomorrow it will be 6 months. Half a year in HK! One flight delay. Two flight cancellations. Two submissions to the HK government to extend our stays. And, plenty of craziness in between. Heck, I can’t remember the last time I’ve lived with my dad and seen my dad for 6 straight months...and that includes childhood!  


By God’s amazing grace and provision we have transitioned well here. However, it wasn’t a completely seamless process (and it’s still not). I did a lot of moping. I did a lot of complaining. I did a lot of whining. I lived with the anticipation that next week will be different. Week after week after week. Next week the borders will open. Next week we will get back to normal. Next week I’ll get to serve those I’m called to serve again. This mindset crippled me. This mindset kept me from not only pursuing our Father...it kept me from experiencing His pursuit of me! 


I needed to get out of this funk and by His goodness alone I was able to. WE were all able to. A few months back we had a shift in thinking....and living that out has been freeing. Even though we were (and are) physically living out of a suitcase our mentality would no longer be that. We started to embrace what Father’s doing now...IN us and maybe even through us. We no longer wanted to be crippled by “what possibly can happen next week”. It was a great place to finally get to. 


With that said, a few organizations / groups / people have reached out to us and asked us...What are you doing now? What have you been involved in? What is life like in HK? We’ve been in HK for 6 months now. A big part of what I do (or did) is I’m a doctor that sees patients at our international clinic...so, those questions are fair questions. After discussing this question with our sending organization (GivingBackLife) and with some accountability brothers and sisters I think I finally know how to answer this question truthfully and in a way that I want to answer it. So, what is life like in HK? 


In many ways they're all the same. They are gifts from Father that we strive to use according to His will. Every day, we seek to be His ambassadors, apply the gifts His Spirit has freely distributed to us, respond to the divine appointments He sets for us, and experience His presence, His power, His love, His mercy, and His grace. In short we are engaged daily in Giving Back Life! While the purposes and themes for each day are always aligned to His divine purposes, the activities of each day vary according to His perfect plan for us. Whether that is providing medical consultations, ministering to spiritual needs, providing counseling, engaging in discipleship, receiving (un)announced meetings (currently not in our home but on zoom), or meditating on the Word, worshiping His majesty, or bathing our world in prayer...we do it all for His glory, whether it’s in CN or in HK. So, each of our days is one of life in the Kingdom of God among us — here and now. We are truly jars of clay containing the most precious gift of God. What an honor to serve the King of Kings with the support of family and friends! We appreciate and are humbled by those that continue to love and encourage and sacrificially support us. 


With all that said, we still can’t wait to get back to CN asap. Please pray God makes a way for the borders to be open and for the local officials to allow foreign passport holders back in. 



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