A quick Lui family update.

June 6, 2020

The Lui family is still planning to return to CN, once the Visa suspension period ends. No one knows exactly when the government will allow foreigners to re-enter the country again. For now we are waiting in HK with the hope that when the travel restrictions start to lax HK will be the first “group” or region to be allowed back, given it’s proximity and given HK has been relatively good about controlling the virus. 


So, to reiterate...we are not in HK by choice. We are not vacationing. We are not on sabbatical. We are waiting for the CN government to give foreign passport holders the okay to go back. 


With that said, during this time, we have been staying with Dan’s family and it’s been beautiful how relationships here have grown. The time here has also given us opportunities as a family to grow and for us to share that love and knowledge with others. Thankfully the internet has allowed us to continue investing in local leaders and our discipleship group in CN (which has been refreshing and exciting). Even schooling for our second grader (Kingston) was able to continue through online platforms. 


Nearing month 5 now in HK, so the word visiting does not quite fit anymore. Seems more like we have been living in a new country. I mean we have had to figure out how to extend our visas here, pay for cell phone bills, buy school supplies for school projects, deal with the language barriers, face racism and political unrest, etc. 


Please pray that we may return soon and for peace over our circumstances. Thank you. 




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