Faith obstacles.

December 31, 2019



I had a chance to talk to a few close friends from the States recently and they were shocked to hear about the persecution and struggles of (especially local) believers in this country. Most of us living here as “foreign workers” try to not let this reality control us and affect us too negatively but it’s hard when this reality affects the people we know, we care about, and/or people we walk life with. 


It’s getting almost ridiculous. I asked a close local friend how she and her family celebrated Christmas. She responded by saying she and her family were scared to celebrate Christmas, as they (along with their church) were told to not celebrate the holiday. She said she just stayed at home and it was like any “normal” day for her family, which made her sad. 


This craziness has been going on for years now. I was just interviewed yesterday by a government official and was strictly told not to do anything Christian related and if they ever caught me there would be consequences. Please pray for us, please pray for the foreign workers here, but more specifically, please pray for our local brothers and sisters who have more to lose than you could ever imagine…as this reality is likely not well documented in the west. 


Here are a few (of many) articles written about the stricter religious policies and persecution of believers:


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