Upcoming group trip.

September 26, 2018

Last year our local discipleship family went to Dali city together.



We've come such a long way in the last year. 3 new people joined the group. One came to Christ. Two moved away; LX to Africa for work and FM back to her rural village to be near family. We've laughed together, cried together, fought with each other, walked life together, studied together and even did a formal discipleship training together. 



Recently one of our own, AS, brought her long-time friend to know our Father! She even brought the friend to our home last week for fellowship. It's been a wonderfully challenging year. 


This year (next week) we will be going on our annual trip. We will be bringing them to ChiangMai, Thailand. For some it will be their first time overseas. For many it will be a rare time to relax and get away. Please pray for our group. Pray for a great time of deep fellowship. Pray for LX who will be in Africa, missing our group, homesick, wanting to be with us on this trip. Please pray for FM who is back in her home village without "family" around her. We were blessed and privileged to baptize FM right before she left but she's in a tough and dark place right now. 


Thank you! 



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