Mr. Li (and the miracle continues).

August 27, 2018

Mr. Li is now at home with his family! He was able to leave the hospital, and be home for recovery. For now he needs constant care. He is able to walk on his own. So his son and his wife take him out to walk everyday. Mr. Li is able to talk and sometimes he is lucid enough to tell his kids to get ready for school, or tell his wife he loves her. Other times he talks nonsense to himself and uncontrollably scratches at his wounds. So the family is constantly watching him to keep him safe. The surgery removed part of his skull, once his injuries have fully healed he will need another surgery to cover up his exposed areas. He has a long road ahead. These next few months are critical. How he heals will affect his quality of life. Mrs. Li has not been able to return to work since the accident. Their oldest son was able to come home but will leave shortly as he is the only one able to support his family. Please be asking Father for perfect healing and protection over the family. Miracles were witnessed through this tragic event. A man who should have been a vegetable forever now walks and talks. A family with no means to pay for the hospital cost has accepted thousands of yuan in donations enough to leave the hospital but not enough to pay it all off. Many of their family members are not believers and have criticized them in the past, especially as they give their time and energy and money to serve others. After seeing people coming to their aid many family members are starting to be interested in this God that they all pursue, love and serve. Let's continue to uphold them in prayer!


Here is a video of Mr. Li's son helping his father walk: 




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