August 3, 2018

As we speak many brothers and sisters have been visiting the Li family. Groups have gathered and persisted in speaking to Father. Our words are not empty! They have over when we speak them in our King's name. The impossible is possible! 


Today Mrs. Li came to visit us to give us an update. She says her husband is now conscious! That he has been able to eat a bit and sip on fluids. Today, he was able to meaningfully communicate through grunts and facial movements. He misses his wife and wants to get better. 


Doctors have ran their tests and believe his brain is slowly healing. This has been amazing and unbelievable to the local medical professionals, and just as amazing to those who have faith. Let's ask for even bigger faith. Let's ask for Mr. Li to be able to heal completely. To be able to walk and talk and care for himself as he was able to before. To allow his life to be a testimony of how wonderful our Father is. 


The Li family also needs prayer as the hospital bill is increasing day by day, and they are not able to afford the cost. On one hand the family wants him to get the best care possible in the ICU, but on the other they want him to move to a general recovery floor/bed because the cost is lower. This is a huge burden on them. 


PTL, but lots more prayer needed! Here is a photo of him today. Looking much better than a few days ago. 




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