In need of a miracle.

July 30, 2018

Over a week ago a dear friend's husband got in a serious accident. We will call them Mr. and Mrs. Li. She comes from an ethnic minority background, from a small rural village, where it is not unusual for women to be the main breadwinner and care-taker of her family. Mrs. Li is an amazing lady who has love and trust for our Father no matter the hardships life has brought her. The couple, both being minimally educated (she is illiterate), have had to make ends meet in creative ways. Mrs. Li is a nanny and cleaner of sorts. Her loyal husband is a laborer who often travels in and out of town for any work he can find. They both have been a huge blessing to our family. Let's just say they are a huge reason why Dan and I are still here. When we are in need we don't hesitate turning to them. Together they have two sons, the youngest is going into junior high this September. 


Before I left for the States I told her I wanted to treat her and her son to a nice day at a pool when I came back, as a birthday gift to her and a congratulatory gift to her son who had spent so much time hitting the books all school year. She was so happy to hear it because she had never been to a pool before. And, rarely does she have the opportunity to take her son out for something fun, given their financial situation. 


One night about a week ago Mr. Li got into a bad scooter accident. A car likely hit him. He had emergency surgery that went into the morning. Today he is still in the ICU and still unconscious, machines keeping him alive. A miracle for physical healing is needed. That is what he needs. Something only the power of prayer can bring. Medically they have been told this is impossible. But, we know better. Nothing is impossible with our Father. Will you PLEASE join us in lifting the Li family up? 


This is a picture of Mrs. Li, who has loved on Kingston and Fiona sooooo much. They looooove their auntie! I have also included a recent picture of his head imaging. 





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