Why we are so careful with what we post?

April 10, 2018

In the three years here we have seen the landscape change before our very eyes. Going from bad to worse. Friends being detained. Crosses being permanently removed from registered churches. Bibles starting to be banned (again). Officials going into homes without notice, inspecting to see if places are being used for prayer and worship. The max number of people able to gather for prayer and worship dropping to no more than 5 (though the number seems to always change). 


These are all things we have seen and experienced. So much more has happened to others. As a foreign community this has become more of a reality, and fear (for some) has started to creep in. However, it's much worse for our local brothers and sisters. For those that wonder why we aren't able to post freely and often on FB, this is why. We not only are protecting ourselves, but we are trying to protect all the people we serve, all the patients we see, all the projects and ministries we work with, and all the local brothers and sisters that we have come to walk life with...all those people that me and Lily and Kingston and Fiona love dearly. 


Please join us in praying for us, for our brothers and sisters, and for this country. 





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