Pray for Dan, please.

January 4, 2018

Dan's having a hard time. This was a recent message to our board members by Dan. Keep him in your prayers. 


Please lift me up if you remember. Been in a spiritual and emotional slump recently. Not sure exactly why. I received a few calls New Years Eve on a little girl. Only thing she had was fever and no other symptoms. I didn’t have time to meet her and her village mom. Dragged on for a day with Tylenol and ibuprofen and fever didn’t get better. Told her on New Years she needed to go to hospital and I couldn’t meet with them. Child ended up not going to KMG hospital and died while on a bus. Keep thinking what I should have done. What could have I done differently? This situation I think was tipping point for me and I lost it and got really angry with a pushy and rude patient today. I need His help.


This is the girl. Picture taken at a recent Christmas party for the village kids (with cerebral palsy). GivingBackLife was able to bless her with love and gifts. Both child and mom were so joyful that day.




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