Being bold.

November 28, 2017

The last few months.


We’ve been learning ‘why’ and ‘how’ to be bold, especially when it comes to sharing the good news. We’re learning it at Sunday fellowship, which has a particular focus on His commands for d-scipleship. We are learning it during our accountability times. We’re being challenged by it during our pr@yer times. Lily and I also spent the last 3 days at a transformative training, encouraging us and equipping us to be bold in our fa-th. 


1:17 pm. 


I get a call from our clinic manager telling me a local child from the villages is admitted to the main children’s hospital (20-30 minutes scooter ride away from our house). This child is a 3 year old girl with Down’s Syndrome. In addition to that, all we knew was that the family’s extremely poor, from the Hong He village, about 3.5 hours outside of Kunming city. Mother is a stay-at-home. Father does side-work, here and there, in the village. They scrape by. They were referred to us by someone from the outside. The child not only has a serious heart condition, but was admitted to the ICU with pneumonia and needed (and continues to need) respiratory assistance. Within 1 day the bill's been 16,000+ RMB (~$2,500 USD). They were desperate. 


1:30 pm.


As I left the house, Lily told me, “be bold!” I said a quick prayer and left the house in a mental mess. I had plans for the afternoon. Lily had her own plans as well. Both of our plans had to change. 


2:04 pm. 


I had no idea how to get to this hospital. Thank God for 4g connection and GPS. I scooted my way and got to the hospital. I met our clinic manager at the front of the hospital. The child’s father was there waiting for us. 


We walked upstairs to the 4th floor ICU. I saw the mom sitting outside a ward-like section. No one was allowed to go in. No family. No parents. No one other than doctors and nurses. Only Monday, Wednesday, and Friday can these parents go in and see their 3 year old girl (who is probably extremely scared) for a total of 30 minutes. 


I had a chance to talk to the parents. First I wanted to know everything from a health and “plan” standpoint. The father and mother told me they were told by the local doctors that the girl should be taken home. They had no money to pay for the hospital stay (in CN you pay the hospital FIRST before you can be admitted). Plus, the doctors told them even if they had money the child has approximately 1-4 weeks (max) to live, and even IF the child was to be cured of this pneumonia and eventually gets and recovers from the heart surgery that she needs, because she is a Down’s Syndrome patient she will be in and out of the hospital her entire life. It’s better to just have a healthy baby (per local docs and local staff at the hospital). Because of what the doctors said, both the mother and father has lost (almost) all hope. They were thinking to themselves, maybe it is better to just let this child die. 


2:30 pm. 


After talking a bit more about medical stuff I got a chance to get to know them a bit. They are Hui minorities. This ethnic minority group is known to be Islam-c in fa-th. The father is 22 years old. The mother is 23 years old, currently 7 months pregnant with what seems like a healthy baby. 


The clinic manager and I got a chance to share about Father’s goodness. We comforted them, listened to them, and told them that no matter what we would walk alongside them. We told them we would try our best to be there for them. They were hesitant and even embarrassed to accept our help. This opened the door for us to share a bit more, including that all we have (e.g., money) is His. That it would be a privilege and honor to serve them with a love that only Father can give. It was quite emotional, especially for myself. Seeing the mother hold back tears, and eventually wiping her eyes…broke my heart. I saw Kingston. I saw Fiona. How much I love my children. 


Then, I reminded them (and myself) that this Father we know…He loves our children more than us. I told them we would be pr@ying for them. 


3:45 pm. 


Arrived home. Heart broken for this family. Broken for this 3 year old, special-needs, child. This child I’m sure is alone and scared. 


Will you pr@y with me and for me? Pr@y not only for supernatural physical healing, but more importantly for supernatural spiritual transformation. Pr@y these parents turn from the 1/2 truths the enemy throws at them and turn to the one true Sav-or. Pr@y that this child, even at 3 years old, can know Father is near and holding her. Pr@y that we can find the funds to help this family pay for their medical expenses. Pr@y that He’ll continue to use us for His glory. Pr@y that He’ll continue to give us boldness to love and share. 




Here are some pictures of the super cute girl (I asked the dad to send me a few pictures so people can put a face to the girl that we will all be praying for). This was at our hospital before being transferred to Children's hospital. 





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