Fruit from visiting Yulin.

August 22, 2017

After years of visiting the children’s home in Yulin, we recently had a few kids come visit us. Three young girls made their way by (bullet) train. There reasons for visiting were all different. 


Helen is 16 years old. A sweet and smart high school girl, who’s both a bit socially awkward yet  socially endearing at the same time. She came because of some medical issues. She had access to medical professionals in their village but the quality of care was severely lacking. More importantly, we trust Dan and he would be able to be hands-on in her work-up and management. We were all fearful she had thyroid cancer. She had some work-up done in the village-setting, but no one explained to her or the family her condition, nor what the reasons were for taking the medications she was taking. She was told to “just come back every month or two for blood tests and images and more medications”. The family was scared and not sure what was going on. She came, we did appropriate medical work-up, and PTL that her condition is quite benign and will just need close follow-up. More importantly, Dan was able to explain to her the condition she has and how it was messing with her body, and why she was taking the medications she was taking. 


Jean was a super bright girl growing up. She was offered a way out of the villages when someone offered her a job being a farmer in the rural parts of Hong Kong. It was high paying, had free housing, and offered her a month of vacation time per year. But, given the long hours and verbal abuse she endured from the boss’s family, she decided it was time to leave and move back to the children’s home. She’s not sure what she wants to do moving forward. She decided to take the opportunity to visit us, get away, explore the possibilities of living in a new place, and consider potentially moving here and living here near us. 



Lastly, May came looking for a job. She wanted to settle here. She has never lived or worked outside her village. Her degree is in nursing, a career choice made for her by the leaders of the children's home. Since working in the field, she had felt a lack of purpose and grew to dislike the work, for a number of reasons. For the last year or so she’s moved back into the children’s home. She decided to come here because both her and the leaders of the children’s home felt it was safe for her to be near us, people they trusted. What a way to invest in her! She is now living with our family. Many like-minded employers have had a heart to help May, but given her background, lack of life experience and work experience, she received a few rejections. But, Father’s hands have been on her! She was recently offered what we feel is a great fit for her. She has the opportunity to serve as a language helper to believers who have moved to CN and need to learn the language! It’s amazing. She has no experience, yet these brothers and sisters are seeing the eternal benefit of investing in her, a total stranger, a girl without a family. Please pray for her! Pray that not only she has a great experience living here and working here, but she gets to know Father. Our discipleship group (of young, local, believers) has also spent much time investing in her too! It’s so cool seeing the body of Christ at work. 


Please continue to pray for our family. Having someone new come in and live with us has its set of challenges, including emotionally and spiritually. Thank you for walking alongside us, in prayer and in support! 


Bringing the three girls out for dinner before Helen and Jean left!



























Our discipleship group bringing May to a nice dinner for good time of fellowship.



























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