Battles of this world.

March 4, 2017

Please do not share these publicly. 


Last year our local China liaison helped lead a small medical team to the Myanmar-China border, serving 100+ refugees in a war-torn area. These people were and are truly "left behind" in every sense of the word. We were excited that this coming Friday a much larger team was going to go and serve. We had the blessing of the provincial Health Bureau (this isn't an easy thing by the way) and our local business partner. Plane tickets purchased. Plans set. We were ready to go! 


Found out a few days ago that fighting had escalated recently in the area. The fighting had spread from the border region into China, approximately a 10 minute drive from where we stayed last time. Places we visited and walked frequently less than a year ago was hit. Devastation all around. Even the front door of where we were staying was hit by a stray bomb/grenade. We don't want to post any graphic photos here but mothers and children are being killed on the street. In many areas it's mass chaos. Please pray for this region, that in the middle of horror and darkness, small miracles will happen in a big way...that His light will somehow shine. 



This is a border site. We stood right here a little more than 1/2 a year ago!


We passed by this entrance almost daily. Our friend lives a few meters away! As you can see the top was hit by a small bomb/grenade. 



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