Kingston's been teaching me.

February 20, 2017

Kingston's been teaching me a lot recently. About many things. He even sometimes says, "Daddy, I need to teach you so you do not forget." This is my post today. Something Kingston taught me. 



Not going to lie, definitely struggling being here. I'm not as capable as I thought I was 2 years ago, before we moved here. I miss having a larger space for our kids to live in, though I am grateful for the apartment we have. I miss having a car to drive our kids to school, instead of cramming 2 of them on my scooter for a chilly 10-15 min winter morning ride. I miss running to Arby's and grabbing a $6 meal without having to count how much I just spent. I miss being able to speak to people at the store or market without having to process what I'm going to say in my mind first, and then being criticized for not saying something correct despite looking Chinese. This is something I've been dealing with since I've been here, but even more so the last few months. However, I learned (or relearned) a lesson from Kingston and Fiona today.


As we were riding to school they broke out in song. MANY songs. Very loudly. People at lights were definitely paying attention. During the 10-15 minute ride they sang Jesus loves me, I love you Lord, Holy Holy, and countless other songs in English and in Chinese. I asked them are they happy in China. Kingston immediately said, "I love China!" in the most joyful tone.


I then realized something. That is how Father wants me to be. Purely joyful, rejoicing in everything that we have, and being caught up in all His goodness. Because, His goodness truly surpasses the "good" I so desire. It was then that I asked the kids if we could take a picture together, so I could remember this moment in time. To not forget the lesson I learned today from my kids.


After the picture they started singing again...


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