• Daniel Lui

Kingston the wise one.

It’s been a challenging day with Fiona. Since this morning she’s been whiny, rude, and just not very loving. Lily and I have both gotten frustrated with her. We have both raised our voices at her. We have both lost our patience and cool.

In the afternoon Kingston went to Fiona and said, “Let’s go into the room. I need to talk to you about something in private.” They went into the room and came out 15 minutes later. At the time I was too busy to ask Kingston about it.

10 minutes later, Kingston went to Lily and said, “Mommy, I need to talk to you about something in private. Let’s go into the room.” Like clock-work they went in and came out about 15 minutes later. “Hmmm”...I thought to myself.

Maybe 5 minutes later (?), Kingston asked me to go into the room to talk in private. I was in the middle of something so I jokingly brushed him off. “Daddy, I really need to talk to you in yieyie’s room.” Lily gave me a gentle nudge with “that” look and nod like it was important. we went, conversation #3 for Kingston, in the privacy of yieyie’s (“grandpa” in Chinese) room.

Sometimes I secretly record Kingston or Fiona...usually randomly in hopes of catching a cute moment and memory. Conversations. Prayers. Temper-tantrums. We usually keep these videos private because Kingston and Fiona have told me before not to send out pictures or videos of them to other people, especially the ones I secretly do without them knowing. After that gentle nudge and nod from Lily I thought maybe this was a “record” moment. I stealthily turned on my iPad...and man, was I glad I did. I eventually told Kingston I recorded him and got permission from him to post about it.

We’ve had a number of these moments with Kingston over the years, but this one was special. This one was a bit different. This one came in the exact moment both Lily and I needed to be rebuked. We both needed to realize we were rightfully upset with Fiona but wrongfully handling our anger towards her. God used this 8 year old boy to teach us this lesson today. May His lesson through Kingston bless you today as well.

By the way, I found out Kingston had a similar conversation with Lily...he talked, he prayed, and he wanted her to end in prayer as well. I’m now wondering what his conversation with Fiona was like.


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