• Lily Hsu

Looking away from negativity.

I do believe that this time has been a gift. I have felt happiness, thankfulness, and joy. At the same time, I have felt sadness, annoyance, and a sense of loss for myself and for others.

Many things are absolutely unknown at this time. When will we get to go back to our lives? How much will change when we do get to go back? Will our friends still be there? How much longer will we have to wait? Or, more accurately put, how much longer do we get to wait in HK? Will we have to leave and travel back to the states? Will we have to do life there for a time being?

Furthermore, what is happening in this world? Why is there so much hate and so much pain? Why are people so lost and so angry? Why is there so much chaos?

In all my questioning I get lost trying to finds answers. The news, social media, everywhere I look on the internet it’s biased and/or bad news. Father challenged me to fill my time with meaningful things...and it has helped me. What he has been teaching me recently is bring all things to him especially my questions, my complaints, my moments of crying, everything. He does not want us to look away from him. The answer is not to look towards him less! No! He wants me to be more aware of what’s happening around me and in me...and ultimately look towards him and still trust him in ALL things. He wants me to bring all things to him and submit. He then wants me to take the time to listen and allow him the opportunity to reveal to us our next step.


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