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It’s a gift (part 1).

It’s a Gift (part one)

Many would think of this pandemic as a curse. Many are unhappy about the way it has affected their normal lives or ruined their plans. To be honest, we too had similar thoughts. It would be easy as pie to continue down that line of thoughts. Especially when everywhere you turn people are complaining, bad news keeps on piling on, and everybody is judging you, your mama, your daddy and everyone you know. The world seems like it’s just seeking for enemies!

With all the travel restrictions and quarantine policies changing rapidly, we purchased what we thought was a sure thing — a flight back to KM. We packed our luggage and said our last goodbyes, and got our minds ready to re-enter a “contaminated” environment (as my family likes to put it)...and to get our butts back to work! Or, from the perspective of MANY of my love ones — back into DANGER. It’s a horrible place. It’s a place of hate. It’s a place of unrest. It’s a place infested with the virus. It’s not your home. Go back to the States. It’s safer. People aren’t as crazy. On and on and on my family would go on. Regardless of what people said, we were ready and we put our worries on the alter and trusted in Father. Then, at the check-in desk, we were told we needed new medical documentation to prove we were covid-free. In all the research we had done, we were assured we would not need such documentation, but policies changed at a drop of a dime in this pandemic. We felt so defeated. Imagine having to take all ten pieces of luggage you just packed, and two kids back to a temporary living environment instead of home. That day CN had announced its suspension of visas, meaning that flight was our very last option. It was hard to explain to our kids. But, it was even more heartbreaking to tell our co-workers that we were not going to be able to return.

Since then the clinic staff have been lifting us up weekly. We continue to connect with them as we know they are carrying much more of the burden to keep the clinic running. One local staff member recently sent us a video. She said many have been interceding on our behalf and this specific message from Francis Chan was intended for us. Here is the link to view:

(Please don’t look at the time stamp and gloss it over. If you are here already it’s worth the 13 minute watch. This is personal to us not just because Francis is talking about HK, but we feel like his message is pertinent to everyone.)


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