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Leading others and growing ourselves...?

This is quite sensitive so please please please do not share this on any public forum, including email. Thank you!

I have a big time prayer request. I’ve been humbled but also extremely scared and anxious about something. I have been asked to take part in what’s called a “church planting movement”...though I like to call it more a “discipleship focused way of loving His church”. Irregardless of semantics it’s an unbelievable opportunity, especially as His will for us is revealed more and more during this time where we (i.e., foreign passport holders) still aren’t allowed to enter back into the country where we are called to serve. As many of you know there are tighter and tighter restrictions on the local we feel privileged to be at the forefront of what He is doing. We feel privileged and honored we get to encourage and build up local brothers and sisters to not just better pursue Father but to better experience His goodness in their own lives. However, this is ALL in the local language, spoken AND written. Many of these brothers and sisters serve in ethnic minority regions which have their own regional dialect, which means they speak with an accent hard for even foreigners fluent in mandarin to understand. Despite being semi-fluent in the spoken language, I can’t read or write without translation apps!

Please pray for the 13 of us (most are local brothers and sisters and not foreign workers like me), that we may represent Him well and lead well and love well. This was written by one of the 13 and sent out to prayer circles:

*Time deleted* we will start the first online church planting movement training session in East Asia with 76 participants.

Please pray for:

- *Local brothers name deleted* and *another local brothers name deleted* and all the coaches

- Protection against the enemy both seen and unseen that this training will go unnoticed and below the enemy’s radar

- That all technical aspects, Wi-Fi, internet connections, computers, software and electronics will be protected by the blood of Christ and protected from the enemy’s attacks

- That all participants will be anointed with the Spirit of God to start putting everything they learn into practice and make disciples that make other disciples and start a church that will start other churches

- Pray that all participants will be filled with the boldness and power of the Holy Spirit to be witnesses, disciple makers and bear fruit

*sorry, pictures were posted for prayer purposes but recently moved due to security; thank you for praying!*


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