• Daniel Lui

What are we living for?

We, as Christians, aren’t immune to mistakes and fear and sin just because we walk with the Lord. Not at all. If any one of you have been turned away from Jesus because any one of “us” have walked that way I am truly sorry. It sucks that none of us can do Jesus justice. None of us can represent Him well enough.

There’s also a fine line between being crazy and being a Christ follower. Maybe there isn’t much of a difference at all.

Some have called us (and continue to call us) foolish and irrational for moving to China. Some have called us even more foolish and irrational for staying in Asia and wanting to go back to China during this time of fear and chaos (with the new coronavirus). It became personal recently when some found it necessary to tell our 6 and 7 year old kids, “Go back home to the States, it’s too dangerous in China.” Kingston said to me, “Why did _____ say that? China is our home now.”

We don’t pursue the Lord in order to gain hope. We’ve gained hope because we see He has pursued us all along.

Our hope isn’t knowing we are physically safer there than here. Our hope isn’t knowing our bank account would be bigger there compared to here. Our hope isn’t knowing we could be more “free” from an oppressed government there compared to here. Our hope is knowing He is doing a great work in us and through Our hope is that we have one chance at this “life” thing and here is where He wants us to be, right now, in this moment.

We don’t always do it perfectly. We don’t always communicate it perfectly. For those that love us and care about us...for those that love and care about Kingston and Fiona...thank you! We know many of you care, deeply. We truly appreciate it and we wouldn’t be who we are and wouldn’t be where we are without you. Could you please watch this very short video? It will take 3 minutes and 5 seconds of your time but it will hopefully explain why we do what we do, who we want to become, and why it can be so frustrating being our loved ones.

For those that have tried or will try to convince us through our kids to go “home”...we appreciate it. Thank you for giving us the opportunity (albeit challenging one) to sit down with them and share with them why living for more than that “red part” of the rope can be so scary yet so full of hope at the same time.


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