• Lily Hsu


This is the first time that I am living through what is being reported on the news and in media. Every day more and more stories are being reported about this virus. It is very easy to get swiped up in the fear. Fact is medical professionals do not have all the answers, there is no cure, it is contagious, and people have died. New restrictions have changed the way people are allowed to live in affected countries. It's also easy for some to be indifferent.

But, what is really important in all this? It's PEOPLE. Last week Dan went out to a pharmacy to pick up some medicine for our kids. He arrived at the opening because it's a more convenient time. He was one of the first ones in the door. The store staff made an announcement about selling hand sanitizer (there is a limited amount available in the country because of the high demand). They were able to get a shipment from Canada, however, supplies are expected to sell out quickly, said the store staff. The store set a limit of 3 small bottles (2 oz) per customer. People gathered very quickly in line, but Dan was one of the first so he purchased the things we needed and picked up some hand sanitizer too. As he left the store he saw more and more people getting in line. The line was getting long. Some in the back were elderly and some were visibly anxious when the attendants made another announcement that stock was quickly selling out. Dan decided to give out his 3 bottles of hand sanitizer to 3 different people at the back of the line. Why?

He saw their fear. He wanted to care for them because life in the midst of this new virus seems so short. But, also we are in peace about this whole situation because we know "life" is more than our time here on earth. That is what is important. PEOPLE...and people need His true peace.



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