• Lily Hsu

A new year. A new role.

As the year closes, I reflect on all the changes we’ve experienced. The last four years I have been able to come along side my husband as he served as the international clinic director, discipleship group leader, GivingBackLife founder and board member, local NGO leader, etc. I never held a title for my work, and that is how I like to serve. I tried to be a servant in all that I do, undertake the tasks that other do not want, and do the best work I can do. I have done everything from cleaning out dusty drawers at the clinic to writing office protocols…from training new staff to planning holiday events. The point is I have come to know the international clinic. I was reluctant at first to join the clinic. But, now it’s become a family that I am a part of and that I care for. At the end of this year Dan is stepping out of his official leadership role at the international clinic. He has loved well on the local staff and it is clear that the eternal impact he has made will never fade. His last order of business was to set up a team leadership model, which is a huge change. The leadership model has never changed in the 20+ years of its existence. Many directors leave the position because of burnout, and Dan has certainly felt that. But, Dan decided to change that cycle, with team leadership. He knew this could fall flat on its face, but at the same time has potential to truly be the difference we needed going forward. With all that said I have decided to take part on that team (of 5). Work-wise it feels like nothing different to me, other than Dan no longer being part of any form of leadership at the clinic. But, energy-wise it feels heavy. As I have said the change is huge and people are used to looking to one person to solve all the problems. As I transition into this new role I know that I need wisdom and I need to know how to be at peace even when the storm rock my boat. Please be interceding in my behalf. I’m in a position (of leadership) I’m not used to.


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