• Lily Hsu

Lesson learned. Serving those that serve.

Teaching the story of the J man feeding the 5,000 to my kids this past weekend helped me to learn something too. That little boy gave what he had, five loaves and two fish. It was that simple. With what little he had to offer G0d was able use it in a miraculous way blessing many more than we could have ever thought was possible. Unlike the adults, the boy’s train of thought was on the solution, the action, what he could do in the moment. As I get older, I have picked up a few pointers from my realist friends. I have to admit when I face a problem I often focus on the problem, and all the obstacles I will face to solve the problem before I get to the actual solution. Then I go to the big man upstairs with my ideas. Well that’s not always helpful because that kind of thinking can prevent me from the actual doing. I am trying to just listen first to what He has to say, and I find that the outcome is even better than expected.

For example, I took on an elaborate project... spa night. Y’all know I am not an aesthetician or a nail technician. If I actually thought about it and planned it out in my mind this idea would never have been put into action. But you know what? I am so glad I simply took action. I got an opportunity to serve those who serve the most vulnerable — disabled children who were abandoned. The first thought that popped in my mind was, pampering these ladies with a spa night, to lavish care on them in a way they have never or rarely experienced. Knowing that Father wanted me to do this, I went with it. There were many obstacles along the way, even on that very night I was locked out of the venue and could not finish setting up before my guests arrived, but in the end He took care of all that. Each lady left with well manicured nails, moisturized hands, and glowing faces. More importantly I could see how excited they were to be receiving this kind of gift. They were grateful not only for this spa night but for me being here. They shared how my husband cares for the children they look after, how he treated them personally or their own families throughout the years. They talked about their appreciation for the clinic and how they have received so much help and care from all the good doctors throughout the years. That night was a huge encouragement for me. It’s not often that I get to hear such nice things from those we serve. Being in the medical or educational setting I usually hear about problems that people are facing, people don’t come back to you when the problems are gone. I felt more blessed by the night than I could ever imagine. As I write this, the best part is that I get to do it all over again next month. Hoping for everything to happen as Father desires.



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