• Lily Hsu

Feeling hopeful coming back.

To those of you reading, THANK YOU for your love, care, and support. We really feel encouraged by you. Reflecting on how things are since we've been back...I keep thinking about how things were. I keep thinking about the past four years and how different the political climate was. It seemed more open and more free. IF you met with us recently you would know how things have changed recently. It's not the same anymore. As a community of people trying to serve, we have had to say goodbye to too many good people. Before our summer break I remember Dan and I just feeling a burden for all the people Father had placed in our lives here. There are many more obstacles here for our brothers and sisters, who are trying to do good by serving others. All these changes...these obstacles are completely out of our control. We had started to feel a bit helpless.

Recently, I read the Reason for Parables and the Parable of the Growing Seed in the book of Mark. I was reminded of something important. I am NOT supposed to be able to control the soil in which I am sowing seed. I was asked to sow the seeds. That is all. I just have to be here/there, day in and day out focusing on Father alone. Some seeds will grow and I won't even know how because HE is the HOW, not me. For that I am so very thankful.

So, coming back home from summer break in the States, I feel relieved from those burdens because I see Father has produced fruits of all kinds here, in us and through us. Kinds I could have never even imagined. I am amazed. I remember that He is in control, even things that seem too big for me and Dan.


Have had great group times since coming back. Father worked in many of them while we were gone. We've been encouraged by their hearts as many are actively learning about how to d1sciple others and seeing it as an important calling.


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