• Daniel Lui and Lily Hsu

What we ask Father (2019).

Very sensitive material. Please do NOT share link with anyone over the web, social media, email, etc. It has been extremely "tight" and difficult here for many people, foreign and local.

This 4.5 minute video was made specifically for all our amazing family, friends, partners and supporters on this journey. We wanted to be real and raw when it comes to what our prayers have been this year. We can't wait to dialogue with many of you come this summer! We are planning two trips back to the States this summer.

May 14 -- 24 (California) -- Dan only

June 12 -- July 31 (Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, West Virginia, and possibly KY, TN, FL, TX) - Dan, Lily, Kingston, Fiona

We are spreading out the trip because it saves us a significant amount of money, but also saves us a significant amount of energy. Please give us time to figure out the details. We will keep everyone posted. Also, because we are traveling so much as a family with 2 little kids our hope and prayer is that our friends and family can help us limit as much as possible our on-the-road travel time. Thank you!


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