• Daniel Lui

Why we haven't been posting.

We are sorry for the lack of personal posts recently. It's still not a great time to post about this kind of stuff but we desperately need our friends, family, partners to pray for us. Thank you!


It’s been a challenging year so far. Without going into too much detail the p3rs3cutlon surrounding us and involving the people we know and/or love has finally hit home. Our fellowship thought it would be a good time to bring this topic up to our children (for multiple reasons). It was a great Sunday. We spent time acting out and discussing with them what’s all this about. We spent quality time praying for each other, praying for those impacted, and praying for this country. However, Fiona wasn’t right all day. She wasn’t right at lunch. She wasn’t right during free / play time. She wasn’t right after coming home. This the message I sent to our fellowship:

By the way something is wrong with Fiona. Ever since fellowship. Every time I ask what is wrong she is hesitant to answer. Every time I press she eventually says she doesn’t want me to be taken by the police. Man. I don’t doubt it was good to have started the conversation but I can imagine how much this rocks the world of a 5 year old. We need to pray for our kids. That they understand p3rs3cutlon but they are also free to live in love and joy because of His grace.

Everyone, please pray that Lily and I can give Kingston and Fiona the security and love they need to live in this environment that's full of uncertainty (and many times fear).


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