• Daniel Lui

Joy and party at the rehab center.

"We've never seen these mom's laugh so loud and be so free!"

-- Xiao Wu (local cerebral palsy center therapist)

Always so privileged to work with these moms. They have all overcome and are overcoming so much. In my 3 years here I have never seen these moms so joyful. So glad we were able to take part in a social event put together by two of the youngest (new hires) therapists at the therapy center. This ministry may not be the typical "orph@n" ministry, but we truly believe this is what an orph@n prevention ministry should look like -- a focus on loving and investing in the children and moms, but also a strong focus on the local staff. Without this ministry I can't imagine how many of these children would be @borted, abandoned, or left to die.


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