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Remember this boy? Miracle!

On July 14, 2017 (7+ months ago) I wrote a post about this 16 year old boy. After spending more than $30,000 USD on cancer treatment, including a last-ditch effort with bone marrow transplant, the hospital eventually discharged him home to "die comfortably". We visited him the day of discharge. It was an emotional day for Lina and I. However, we got to share with him the good news and prayed for him. Here is the previous post:

Yesterday we got a surprise visit. The boy and his dad came into the city to say hi to us. Even though we've been in touch since, we've only seen the dad during this past 1/2 year. We knew the boy was slowly recovering, miraculously, but who could have predicted he would be cancer free?? Who could have predicted that this boy would beat the odds, post-transplant?? Who could have thought the boy would get a second chance at life, and get to go back to school (the thing he missed the most being in the hospital)?? Not us! We left defeated that day. Our clinic also decided it may not have been wise to donate $20,000 USD to them to cover their bone marrow transplant. But, wow...our God knows best. Here he is, yesterday, with Lina.

Thanks to all those that have continued to pray for this boy and for this family. Please continue to uphold this family, that they may know His goodness...and that they may know who ultimately gave this boy a second chance at life.



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