• Lily Hsu

Prayer for Dan's health (update).

We decided to have him see an orthopedic surgeon in HK. This is a doctor he has referred some of his own patients to see before. The visit was helpful but we don’t have a final answer yet. The doctor (and Dan) believe the pain started before the accident. The surgeon wanted Dan to get X-rays of both his wrists in HK and an MRI...but because MRI 4-5x the price in HK we got it done today in China; results tomorrow. Dan will likely have to go back to HK to see the doctor in a few weeks.

While we were in HK Dan’s pain was much less after his dad (who has a pharmaceutical company in HK) formulated a medicine just for him. Even though Dan sometimes had/has his doubts about mixing eastern and western medicines, he is definitely a believer now. Dan and I are so thankful for papa Joe. Praise the Lord.

Can you remember him in prayer? This condition has really made us appreciate His blessings more, and made us realize what is truly important in life.

Dan snapped a picture of us waiting with him at the hospital. He was grumpy but Fiona enjoyed coming with him.


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