• Daniel Lui

Guitar shop.

Drove by this the other day (right next to our apartment). It looked like a Christian music shop. I came home, told Lily, and she went with me to check it out a few days ago.

A man in his 20-30’s came out to greet us. Shook his hand and asked if this was a music shop. He said ‘yes’, that it was not only a place that sells instruments, but he also teaches (e.g., guitar). I asked him if he was a Christian because of the sign and he said ‘no’ but he likes the religion. He likes what the religion teaches. We got to talking a bit more and found out he used to serve as the pianist (worship team) for the local, government sanctioned, local church! He did that for many years. He quit because someone asked him to get baptized and he wasn’t comfortable with that, since he didn’t consider himself a ‘believer’. He said he has a Bible sitting “right there on the table” (as he was pointing into his store).

He left the church and for a year or so he’s been managing / owning this shop. He was super excited to see Lily and I. We told him I would love to take guitar lessons from him (we played a bit). Praying God opens up a door for me to not only better my guitar skills but to ultimately share with him the good news, and help bring him to Christ.

Hopefully we’ll have more to share soon.


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