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She reminds us why we are here.

I've spent the past 2.5 years (since moving to China) asking God to assure me of our decision to move here. I'm not sure why it's been so hard at times. Maybe it's homesick. Maybe it's weariness. Maybe it's not feeling understood. Maybe it's feeling alone. However, Fumei is a reminder why we are here.

We've visited the Guangxi children's home since 2007-2008, once or twice a year. That's when I first met Fumei there as a 10-11 year old girl.

She's been living at our place for the past month or so. She asked us if she could come here (because she trusted us) to look for a job. Not only was she able to find a good job working with believers, she's been an invaluable member of our local discipleship group that Lily and I have the privilege to host and lead.

Here's the message I sent to GivingBackLife's board members < 2 weeks ago:

Praise Father! Fumei (the girl that moved from Yulin and has been living with us) came back home today from visiting a new local fellowship saying she is a believer now! I was skeptical, so decided to talk with her. Didn't know what to say but then remembered we just finished a course on "what it means to be a disciple?" So, decided to talk to her bit, asked her if she understood all the topics we covered in the class. She said no. We spent some time going over the topics and by the end (~30 min later) she said she believed and was ready to accept! She knows she has a lot to learn and grow (like all of us) but she said she knew enough to accept Father as her Sav. We are confident she is in the family! PTL. Lots and lots of people have come together to love on her and invest in her throughout the weeks (including Lina). True body at work! Crazy. 10 years of knowing Yulin kids...He had a plan all along! 10 years!!! I almost gave up!!!

Some pictures from tonight, including a picture of us celebrating that night with a few of her new friends, co-workers, and brothers & sisters in Christ.


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