• Daniel Lui

Heading home soon.

There's a boy who we have been helping (through the international clinic), financially, with his medical expenses. After over 200,000 RMB (approximately $30,000 USD) spent, including a bone marrow transplant, for his cancer treatment, this 16 year old boy and his family knows he will be "heading home" soon.

I had never met the family or the boy before. Another physician at our clinic has been the liaison between the family and us. However, this physician went back to the States for the summer and the hospital where the boy is at has told the boy to go home. He has less than a month to live and everyone's hope is for the child to die in the comforts of his home, in a village far from the city, surrounded by his family and friends. However, Lina made me aware that no one in his family are believers. They do not know of His goodness. They do not know of His peace that gives us assurance of a life after this broken one.

So, Lina and I decided to visit them the day of their hospital discharge. Typed words don't do what I'm about to say justice, but I'll try to share a bit.

I was scared. I was scared to share with 4 (his uncle was there too) non-believers, especially during a sensitive time like this. I had to gather myself. I went to the bathroom to pray. "Give me wisdom, sensitivity, and Your power to impact hearts." I first spoke with the dad separately, given him the bad news of his son most likely having 2-4 weeks left. It was devastating. He sobbed. I teared up. All I could do was put my arm around him. He had to gather himself before going back to the boy's room.

Lina and I then got a chance to share with the boy about His goodness, and the story of this God and Father. His parents were sitting in the back listening. The boy listened and asked questions. He shared with me that he was scared. He also shared with me that he wishes he could get better so one day he could be a doctor and help other people like him. He shared with me the thing he misses most about home is going to school. He misses learning. We had a chance to pray together. Since that day, 2 days ago, we've been texting back and forth.

Pray for him and his family. Pray that His spirit will do a good work in them. Pray that His spirit will change unchangeable hearts. Pray that Father can take him home so he no longer has to suffer. Pray that the boy knows, with assurance, that Father is preparing a place for him right now where he can learn and serve, freely and joyfully.


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