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Packaged Love Project.

This was the message I sent to our board members back at home while we were at the children's home in Guangxi province. Thank you to ALL the contributors and prayer warriors that made this all happen! It was an amazing trip! Enjoy the pictures.

July 1, 2017

It's been an exciting trip back to yu-lin children's home. As a collective unit we have served the children and multiple staff here for years (since 2007/8). We have tried in many ways to share the good news to everyone here. It's always been a disappointment looking back, that no one has come to faith over the last 10 years, despite coming so many times (7-8+ trips, at least). I would have to say this trip we have been the most forward about sharing the good news. We've had so many opportunities this time around, so no excuses not to. We have a magician friend and his family that came with us, and he did g-spel magic, which was great. I had a chance to play some w-rship music on my guitar along with some personal sharing that went well. The packaged love project (spear-headed by Lina) was another great opportunity to share about his goodness, especially the personalized letters along with the awesome gifts facilitated good fellowship and discussion. I also had a chance to see a few patients, and one in particular was/is one of the kids here. She is 14 years old with possible thyroid cancer. Before I knew of her condition I had a chance to answer her many questions about the faith...during our time of singing praise songs. She is curious and genuinely such a sweet girl, with a sad story. Because the medical care here is so poor and so unknown, Lily and I will likely have her visit us in our city in the following week or two (her first trip out of her province I think) and get appropriate medical work up and evaluation under our care. Maybe this is His opportunity presented to us, almost 10 years in the making. PTL! May this place in Yulin change for his glory! May people here know of his amazing love.


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