• Daniel Lui

Fermented tofu. In the rain.

Sorry for the faint-hearted. Graphic pictures below! :) I have finally gotten used to eating pre-made snacks in a bag. So many snacks sold this way here (vacuum-sealed), from boiled soy sauce eggs, to chicken feet, to fermented tofu. I was hungry and saw this lying around. Spicy fermented tofu. Yum!

I hate rain. I really hate it, especially when I need to ride to work or bring BOTH kids to school. It’s one of those things I dread. It’s cold, dangerously slippery, very cramped with three of us on a scooter, and I can’t see a thing with rain in my face. Lily and I take turns bringing Kingston and Fiona to school. Felt so blessed this morning when Lily said she would go with me to bring kids to school! Here’s me and Fiona under our poncho, along with Lily and Kingston (who’s holding his little umbrella).

Fiona is always happy at school, despite her Chinese language being a lot behind the others.


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