• Daniel Lui

Praying for the clinic.

A few pictures on our blog doesn't explain the insanity we see every day. We have village patients visit daily with illnesses that used to make me jump out of my skin, initially. Sadly, we've grown used to poor and impoverished patients being left behind, with no where else to turn but to us with their chronic and untreated medical conditions.

We've gone from 250 patients a month ~4-6 months ago to almost triple that amount now. Continue to pray for the docs...and for me as I need the wisdom to lead Grace Medical Services in a time of political turmoil and tremendous change here in the country. It's been quite stressful for us and for many that are now unable to serve because they have been denied work permits, visas, etc.

Praise the local house church, as leaders are taking charge and bringing people of need to see us. A local house church sister brought this patient to see me a few days ago. We, at the clinic, see so many patients like this, every single day.


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